The travel health insurance product covers the person named in the insurance document, insofar as the insurance premium has been paid.


Which journey does the insurance apply to?


The insurance cover applies to the corresponding validity period stated in the travel insurance document, at the longest for the validity period of the visa. In the case of a visa entitling the holder to enter the states covered by the Schengen Agreement on more than one occasion, the maximum length of stay may not be longer than the period of insurance cover, otherwise cover expires. The Travel Protection Insurance may not be transferred to a further visa; a separate insurance must be taken out for each visa- Should insurance be taken out for a trip for which no visa has been obtained, cover must be expressly confirmed by Reise-Schutz AG or its partner Activa-Liberia. Travel protection insurance must be submitted to the authorities issuing the visa within three months of the policy being issued and thereafter its validity confirmed by Reise-Schutz AG or its partner Activa-Liberia, otherwise insurance cover does not exist. The Travel Protection Insurance becomes invalid should the visa application be rejected by the authorities, and may not be used for a further visa application.


Note: We can provide cover for World Wide travel insurance excluding USA and Canada but Internationally.


When does the insurance cover start and end?


The insurance cover only starts if the premium has been paid before the start of the journey. The insurance cover

  • starts on passing the border into a Schengen country,

  • ends at the agreed point in time, but at the latest on leaving the Schengen countries,

  • when the visa expires.


When should the premium be paid?


The premium is to be paid on handing over the travel health insurance document.


What is covered?

  1. Covered are costs up to Euros 30,000.00 of

a. Treatments of unexpected acute medical emergencies that cannot be postponed,

b. Return transport of patient,

c. Transfer in case of death occurring during travel due to unexpected acute disasters or accidents.

    2. From age 75 and over, the insurance only covers the results of an accident.

    3. The insurance is valid for the following geographical locations:

a. Schengen Territory,

b. Worldwide, excluding USA & Canada,

c. Worldwide, including USA & Canada.


Which cases does the insurance not cover?


The insurance does not cover:

  • Damage caused by strikes, internal unrest, events of war, criminal and fraudulent activities, nuclear energy and Acts of God;

  • Damage caused intentionally by the insured person.

  • See the specific conditions of the particular insurance for other exclusion clauses


What are the mandatory obligations of the insured person in the event of damage?


  • The insured person is obliged

    to minimise the damage as far as possible and avoid unnecessary costs;

    to report the damage to RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG  or its partner Activa-Liberia without delay;

    to describe the incident and scope of damage in a notification of damage and to provide RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG  or its partner Activa-Liberia with all relevant information according to the truth. As evidence, the insured person shall submit original invoices and original vouchers

    the conclusion of a an insurance policy relieves doctors from their duty of professional confidentiality and RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG  or its partner Activa-Liberia is permitted to take all reasonable measures to check the cause and the extent of the claims made; the insurer shall be entitled to terminate cover if this is not re-confirmed on request.

  • If one of these obligations is violated with wilful intent or gross negligence, RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG  or its partner Activa-Liberia is released from its obligation to pay insurance benefits; however, in the case of grossly negligent violation, RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG  or its partner Activa-Liberia remains obliged to pay insurance benefits to the extent that the violation has no influence on ascertaining the cause of scope of the benefit obligations

  • A copy of the travel insurance document and the visa of the insured person must be submitted.


When does RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG or its partner Activa-Liberia pay compensation?


Once RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG or its partner Activa-Liberia has ascertained the cause and extent of its payment obligations, compensation shall be paid within two weeks.


What happens when the insurance person has claims on third parties?


  • Claims on third parties are transferred to RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG or its partner Activa-Liberia according to the statutory regulations, up to the paid amount, insofar as this is not detrimental to the insured person.

  • The insured person is obliged to transfer his/her claims to RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG or its partner Activa-Liberia to this extent.

  • Payments of insurance benefits from other insurance contracts, apart from property insurance, take priority over the fulfilment obligations of RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG. This applies in particular to the statutory benefits from the social security authorities or private health insurance companies. If the insured person enforces his/her claims on RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG or its partner Activa-Liberia first by submitting original vouchers, then the latter shall make the benefit payments in advance.


When does the insured person lose his/her claims to the insurance benefits?


RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG or it Partner (Activa) is exempt from the obligation to provide insurance

benefits if:

  • after the insurance incident has occurred, the insured person tries to deceive RS Reiseschutz Versicherungs AG with incorrect details about circumstances which are significant with relevance to the reason and/or amount for the insurance obligation;

  • the asserted claim has not been enforced in court within three months after payment of the insurance benefit has been refused. This period only begins after RS Reise-Schutz Versicherungs AG  or its partner Activa-Liberia has rejected the claim in writing, stating the legal consequences on expiry of the period;

  • the benefit claims are not asserted within 3 months after the insurance has expired.


Travel-Protection-Europe including all Schengen States

Geographical Limits

Geographical Limits


Cancelation Penalty

Europe including Schengen States (important Schengen States including of the corresponding overseas departments)

30.000,00 € (US$40,856.7) (requirements for allocation corresponding to Council of the European Union 2004/17/EG)

50 € (US$68.0945) pro Schadenfall

15 € (US$20.4284)